British Embassy in Tunisia reveals deployment of specialist security teams

The British Embassy in Tunisia has announced the deployment of specialist security teams to help prevent and plan against future terrorist attacks.

The project is being delivered by UK company, Aktis Ltd, which has established “strategic planning units” within the Tunisian Ministry of Interior.

The embassy says this will improve the “effectiveness, accountability and efficiency of its responses to key security threats”.

The staff who will work in these units have now finished a one-year training course and will begin work immediately.

A statement issued by the British Embassy said: “Strategic planning boosts the Ministry of Interior’s capacity to work with domestic and international partners to improve security for the people of Tunisia.

“Strategic Planning Units will be located in the Ministry, with similar units in the National Guard, National Security and the Civil Protection. The units are now ready to start work.”

Speaking at WTM earlier this month, Tunisia’s tourism director Abdellatif Hamam said both countries were working “hand in hand” to bolster security after the terrorist attack in Sousse this summer which killed 30 Britons.

He said Tunisia had been lobbying for travel restrictions to be lifted and remained “optimistic” about the future.

British Ambassador to Tunisia, Hamish Cowell, said: “An important element of co-operation between Tunisia and the United Kingdom is the provision of technical advice, training and coaching and we will continue to provide support to the Ministry in the coming months."

At the same time Tunisia’s Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts have signed a joint agreement setting out the security requirements which all tourist establishments are obliged to put in place.

The exact details of what these are to be confirmed but the government said they would be introduced with the help of international specialists including German experts.